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Bubble Witch Saga : Level 149 - Tips

To beat the level 149 of Bubble Witch Saga we've compiled a small list of general tips that should help you along the way. While some tips are more useful than others, it's always good to be reminded of the basics.

#01 To get unlimited free lives go to your settings app and change the time forward a few hours. Re-open Bubble Witch Saga and your lives should now be replenished again.

#02 To get the Wish of Precision for free, just play for a few minutes, then hop into setting and forward the time ahead 24 hours. Re-open Bubble Witch Saga and you have Wish of Precision.

#03 You should always aim high in order to release as many bubbles as you can. The more they bounce, the higher your score will be.

#04 Don't forget to swap bubbles by tapping on the cauldron

#05 Drop bubbles where the most spiders are dangling as bubbles bounce off spiders, it multiplies your score.

#06 You can ricochet bubbles off the wall in order to connect with other bubbles that may seem out of reach.

#07 The Wish of Foresight lets you see 3 bubbles in the cauldron instead of just two but this will cost real money and only last one level.

#08 You'll normally only need to get to one or two bubbles at the top in order to create a cascade effect and send a huge amount of bubbles tumbling down.

#09 Make popping bubbles in your vantage point your first priority as they can severely impair your ability to reach most of the board.

#10 Maximize your spiders by sometimes knocking out smaller combos that you could otherwise knock out by popping the bubbles above them.

#11 Can't pass a level, try beating it through Facebook as King games are ridiculously easier on the computer than they are on mobile.

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